Outlet Box

It is used for computer and communication line connections in office environments where raised flooring is used. Due to its easy implementation on cover surface of the flooring, an aesthetical integration with the environment is ensured. When the replacement of office furnitures is deemed necessary, the location of the outlet box can also be easily changed due to the modular structure of the raised floor.

Raised Floor Ramp

Raised Floor Infrastructure system is manufactured 10-100 cm high off the floor and in a manner to leave volume in the desired measurements. The device or equipment wished to be placed on the current system is manufactured as Fixed with the purpose of practicalising the its transportability or as Portative in order to be used when required.

Facade and Step Profile Application

Facade application is utilised in order to close the gap in front of the doors in raised floor areas. Facade (step) profile is used in order to conceal the section surface and to reduce the risk of slipping.

Raised Floor Step

Raised panel and footings are used to create steps when the heigth difference between the raised floor surface and fixed floor equals to of a step (18-20cm).


When precision air conditioner and bottom blown cooling is required in system rooms and data processing centres, the cooled air is carried to the upper volumes by being conducted to the underneath of raised floor through the assistance of culverts. It is generally manufactured with 150 x 600mm, 200 x 600mm and 600 x 600mm dimensions. It has Dumper and non-dumper options.

Dumper Culvert; It is an equipment which provides more effective cooling to the devices through the use of its wings which is utilised to give the required direction to the cold air flow generating from the lower surface.

Non-dumper culvert; It is an equipment which has a standard angle and conveys the cold air flow generating from the lower surface at a fixed angle.


It is used to provide an aesthetic outlook on wall sidings following the raised floor application.

It has Wood, MDF and PVC options.


Due to the modularity of Raised Floor System, it provides you with the opportunity for fast and practical interference. Ventouse, which is used for fast and easy opening of Panels during interference, is manufactured by taking the panel weight into consideration and delivered to the technical personnel after application.

Buttress (Earthquake Bracket)

It is used in order to incrase the resistance of raised floor footings against horizontal (lateral) loads. The use of this equipment is seen fit in heights higher than 60 cm and in regions where earthquake risk is high. It is recommend, the equipment to be used in wall lines with the risk of slipping or for every one of the three footings.